Elite 20The Elite 20 ¾” is a versatile, heavy duty dry ice blasting machine that can be used for light, medium up to tough applications with low dry ice consumption. With 3/4” blasting hose, the Elite 20 is an ideal solution for cleaning more demanding surfaces.

Dry ice blasting machines and accessories are designed to minimize the costs of equipment and plant maintenance. When using dry ice blasting it is possible to clean devices online, without any dismantling and subsequent reassembly. Production downtime can be avoided or reduced drastically, supporting an economical approach to facility maintenance.

Standard Included

  • 7.5m/24ft blasting hose 3/4”
  • 10m/ 32ft air supply hose 1”
  • IceGun 3/4” with or without Light
  • Nozzle holder V3
  • Nozzle Ø 8 mm, type 1

Технические характеристики

  • Скорость подачи: 1.1-3.7 фунтов/мин (0.5-1.7 кг/мин)
  • Размеры: 29" x 17.7" x 42.5" (73.7 x 45 x 108 см)
  • Вес: 230 фунтов (104.5 кг)
  • Потребление воздуха: 25-353 куб. футов/мин (0.7-10 м³/мин) при  фунтов на кв. дюйм ( бар)
  • Давление потока: 29-232 фунтов на кв. дюйм (2-16 бар)
  • Часть № 503321US / 503321S

Уникальные особенности

  • Made of a pure stainless steel
  • Contains a powerful, 24 volt DC motor
  • User friendly control panel
  • Insulated dry ice hopper
  • "Slick" tire wheels full rubber – for leveled production floors
  • 360° mobility
  • Air only blasting option
  • Collapsible handles with integrated blasting hose hanger

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